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About aXe

Clan info
(aXe) is a bunch of gamers who play FarCry and Call of Duty 4 on pc’s. Our main goal is to have fun. We vary in age from 14 to 40+ with some families involved, for example PIPO and Max are father and son. (aXe) was founded by PIPO on 27 february 2005 and is an international clan. We are located throughout Europe (Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden) and North America (Canada, USA).

Joining (aXe)
We’re proud to be an (aXe) and you can become one, also. We need to have some information about you if you wanna join us, post the answers to the following questions in our forum:

We need to have some information about you if you wanna join us:
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Where you live
  • In game name
  • Xfire
  • Previous Clans
  • Previous/other games
  • Skill level (low/med/high)
  • Do you have a mic & teamspeak?
  • Are you able to donate to the clan? (over 21 only)
  • Why do you want to join (aXe)?
  • Who do you know in this clan?
After that we will set up a trial membership to play with you and talk in TS to see if you fit in our team.

  • You can only be in 1 clan: (aXe)
  • Play fair, don't cheat or use other 'advantages' (cheats are strictly prohibited)
  • Use XFire and TeamSpeak as much as you can
  • Visit our facilities regularly
  • Communicate in english (but don't worry if your english is not good, this isn't fatal problem for us)
  • Be proud to wear the (aXe) clantags! Don't embarrass our clan with your behavior!
  • Membership is free if you are under 21, over 21 u can pay €2,- a month and get rcon on our game- and ts servers. (Only when we need rent server)
  • Have Fun!

Don't use the clantags when you are not in, we tell you whether you are a member or not. Contact PIPO or B.Lamer about your application. The person that you’ll need to final decision is PIPO, our clan leader - the only one who can pronounce a veto!

Quote / ©2006 (aXe)LuMbErJaCk /:
"An (aXe) in your head is good for an open mind!"